Beer’s Historical Legacy And Taste In Perge Beer

Beer is the oldest known beverage in the world, with thousands of years of history in the land we live in. We live in the land where beer is born. Our beer takes its name from Perge Ancient City, one of the most important trade capitals in history, founded at the foot of Taurus mountains. Our factory is located 28 km east of Perge Ancient City and right on the historical Silk Road.

For us, brewing beer is not just a business; it is our profession, livelihood of our family and our passion. Beer is lively, shy, elegant and full of secrets. Our respect for the brewing profession, our bond with passion and love, form the basis of our quality beer production. Our beer turns into an art in the skillful hands of our masters with whom we have lived for years.

Beer was born in this land with a history of 10,000 years. While brewing our beer, we combine our knowledge passed down to us from generation to generation, with the latest technology and use the highest quality and most natural materials. As a result,we produce Perge Beer, which has a special taste, bodied, flawless and proudly presented.

We Protect Our Family Legacy

Just as we have maintained our knowledge of quality beer for thousands of years, we protect our main ingredient in our beer, our water, with the same care. We planted thousands of saplings in order to protect our water source and the soil on our own forest area of approximately 350.000 m2, we strengthened the flora of the land and we prevent deformation of its naturalness by afforestation.

We use our natural spring water with a Ph value of 7.73 as brewing water without any process. We are so proud to produce and reveal our Perge Beer with its special taste and freshness by combining our carefully selected hops, with our top quality 100% malt and our meticulously revitalized yeast.

There is an old saying in our village: “If after two sips there is still a problem, easy to solve! Take the third sip… ”